Katie Lips, Founder

Katie founded Rebel Futures in 2017 to bring a focussed Cyber and Information Security consulting offering to her clients.

Before founding Rebel Futures, Katie worked in Senior Leadership roles in global organisations; she worked as Global Mobile Strategy Director at a Loyalty & Analytics business and as a Mobile specialist for a 'Big Three' consultancy.

She launched her first startup Treasuremytext, a messaging archive in 2003; it was a human centric mobile messaging / personal data product and is still used by customers the world over. As an early adopter of tech and a long term mobile technology 'veteran' Katie's interests include digital identity and privacy, cyber security, emerging economies, technologies and business models.


The Rebel Futures team is small but our capability is robust and our reach is broad through the network of partners, friends and associates. We are happy to hear from consultants, advisors, strategists, thinkers, writers (especially bold, rebellious tech writers) who’d like to work with us. We don’t currently have any  formal job openings, but we’d be interested to hear from you if: