Rebel Futures exists to solve the big challenges facing businesses today: Information & Cyber Security, Data & Privacy and Business Innovation.


Big Challenges We Solve

Information & Cyber Security

How do we protect our business with  future proofed Information Security?

How to we protect our business, employees and customers through a robust Cyber Security Strategy? 

How do we undertake effective Market Analysis, Supplier Evaluation & Selection in Information & Cyber Security?

Data & Privacy

How do we develop a human centric, compliant Data Strategy?

How do we ensure our IT is fit for purpose and how do we comply with changing data protection regulations and GDPR?

How do we put Cyber Security where it needs to be (front & centre)?

Business Innovation

How can we truly Innovate across all areas of our business?

How can we ensure our business is
Human Centric, and puts the needs of customers first? 

What will our customers need in the future and how can we support them through customer-centric Innovation?

Whatever Your Business...

Small & Medium Businesses

All businesses need an Information Security and a Cyber Security Strategy to ensure they and their customers are protected in today’s world. We help make sense of a complex space, and work with small and medium businesses to deliver easy to implement strategies and solutions. 


Rebel Futures has worked with global businesses to develop InfoSec and Cyber Security Strategy, Data Responsibility and Business Innovation. We help Enterprises look at the big picture and at the detail.  We work with clients to develop actionable strategy and then to deliver it through our lean consulting approach.


We have worked with a number of Cyber businesses to develop their strategy. With expertise in Market Assessment and Go To Market Strategy we are able to help Cyber Businesses launch and grow.


Our Recent Work

  • We've helped a Cheltenham based Cyber business to understand and enter the Security Operations market.
  • We're defining a Mobile Cyber concept empowering people to be safer in our digital world and are helping enterprise clients think about Customer Centric Cyber Security.
  • We've helped a global Consulting Firm lead the charge in Information Security and Mobile Data Protection.
  • We're working with a Swiss NGO backed by UN Counter Terrorism Executive Directorate to prevent the use of Technology in Terrorism.


We're Sensible.

We bring all the sensible stuff you'd expect: agility, research & analysis, business planning, business case and proposition development, strategy (including data driven strategy), stakeholder management, passion and vision to solve big tech inspired challenges.

We're Rebellious.

Driven by a desire to help our clients push boundaries, we bring the rare, rebellious streak you need. Instead of a traditional consulting model we bring experts who turn up, get our hands dirty and get stuff done.


We're interested in...

Future Information Security:  Mobile Device Management, Identity Access Management, Securing Shadow IT, Secure Internet Of Things (IoT).

Future Cyber Security: Next Generation Cyber Defence, User Behavioural Analytics (UBA), CyberSecurity-as-a-Service, People Centric Cyber Security, Cyber Insurance.

Future Data: Automated Regulatory Compliance, GDPR & other Future Regulation, Human Centric Data Strategy, Privacy & Internet Safety.

Future Business: Technological Change & “Exponentialism’, Human Centric Business Design, Technology in Counter Terrorism, Technology for Good.