Rebel Futures was set up to deliver lean, effective, and innovative strategy services to forward thinking businesses and organisations. Having previously worked in large, slow organisations, our team wanted to help businesses to innovate at pace.

With many years experience as strategy consultants and advisors we have used many methods to develop and deliver strategy and innovation. Lean Strategy, and specifically Design Sprints are so compelling, we now work almost exclusively with these tools to help our clients excel.


Rebel Futures is a strategy consultancy. We lead Design Sprints to help businesses make decisions about products or strategy in days (as opposed to months). Our services include:

  • Design Sprints (Planning, Organisation, Facilitation)

  • Innovation Programmes / Continuous Innovation / Test & Learn

  • Strategy: Business / Digital / Product

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We work with a variety of businesses; from top consultancies, to household brands to global businesses. We have deep expertise in Digital, IT, InfoSec and CyberSecurity.


Want to get to know us better? Come to our Central London offices at Wimpole Street for a chat. We'd love to hear from you.

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Recent client work

  • We've helped a global Consulting Firm lead the charge in Information Security and Mobile Data Protection.

  • We helped a global telco understand the future market opportunity for mobile healthcare.

  • We've helped a Cheltenham based Cyber business to understand and enter the Security Operations market.

  • We helped a global business upgrade and implement their Enterprise Mobility Strategy.

  • We worked with a NGO backed by UN Counter Terrorism Executive Directorate to prevent the use of Technology in Terrorism.

Some of the clients we help with Lean Strategy, Innovation and Design Sprints.


We're Sensible.

We bring all the sensible stuff you'd expect: stakeholder engagement, facilitation, technology expertise, market research & analysis, strategic thinking, and a passion and vision to solve challenges.

We're Rebellious.

Driven by a desire to help our clients push boundaries, we bring the rare, rebellious streak you need. We bring experts who get involved and help decisions get made. We work lean, and help you achieve results radically quickly.


Rebel Futures is supported by SETsquared, Digital Catapult, and HutZero.