We help businesses innovate through Design Sprints.


Design Sprints help teams answer critical questions quickly. They help create amazing products and world-beating strategy.


What is a Design Sprint?

The Design Sprint is a 4-day innovation process that takes you from ‘problem’ to ‘the right solution’.

It requires a multidisciplinary team from across the business to work together intensively in new collaborative ways.


The multidisciplinary sprint team follows a rigid process which enables them to:

  1. focus on the challenge and swiftly make decisions as a group, taking all stakeholders along the journey

  2. rapidly get their hands dirty coming up with solution and then collaboratively and instinctively select a prototype to test

  3. create and test a high fidelity prototype with real customers, users, or stakeholders 

  4. sit back and think “Wow, we answered our questions / proved our hypothesis / learned something groundbreaking / advanced our product thinking / learned we must pivot … in just 4 days!”


On day 1 we work with your team to define the challenges and the scope of the rest of the week. 

On day 2 we decide what challenges to prototype. 

On day 3 we rapidly build a high fidelity prototype. 

On day 4 we test the prototype with real users and summarise the (amazing) results and next steps.

Often our Sprit participants go back to work the next week knowing Design Sprints are something they’ll use forever more.

How we lead Design Sprints

The Rebel Futures Design Sprint package includes:

Sprint Design

A short pre-Sprint session during which we get to know your business challenges and we help determine the Sprint Team.

Sprint Organisation

We plan the sprint as an event and we communicate with all participants to ensure they know what’s ahead of them in the sprint. We define the when, where, who. If you can’t ‘sprint’  in your office we can find a great sprint location and we even organise healthy snacks and drinks to keep everyone focussed. 

Sprint Facilitation

We facilitate sprints; we provide a person who leads the sprint from end to end. From introducing each activity, to keeping to time, to ensuring everyone’s engaged and fully ‘in the room’. We ensure the Sprint runs smoothly.

Sprint Participation

Often, a Facilitator is enough to add to client teams, sometimes however we bring other participants such as Designers, Developers, Prototypers, or Interviewers.

Test Facilitation

A core part of a Design Sprint is testing a prototype with real people. We source and incentivise real (B2C or B2B) customers, to get them to the test day on time. 

Why get Rebel Futures to lead a Design Sprint for you?

Our team has participated in,
and led many design sprints for a variety of businesses. We know Design Sprints are incredibly powerful for any business. Because they’ve been so powerful for us, we recommend them over and above other methods for developing products or strategy. 


We are experienced in Design Thinking and Innovation Process. We also speak your business / technology / enterprise language. 

We’re based in London but work (pretty much) anywhere. We love doing sprints in busy offices and in countryside retreats. 

Get in touch now to discuss Design Sprints for your business.


Design Sprints can help with product and business challenges.



How do we differentiate in a
crowded market?

How do we stay ahead of
the competition?

How do we elevate our customer experience to attract the customer of the future?



How do we protect our business, employees & customers with a robust Cybersecurity Strategy?

How do we stay up-to-date with the latest trends in InfoSec & CyberSec?

How do we mobilise our workforce and rapidly test approaches and solutions?


Where do Design Sprints come from?

Design Sprints were developed by a team at GV (Google Ventures) in order to help their portfolio companies to develop the right product quickly - eliminating waste and accelerating success.  The book “Sprint” by Jake Knapp explains Design Sprints in detail.  The concept builds on the Lean Methodology, Design Thinking and a bunch of best practices in delivering innovation at pace. 

Are Design Sprints about Design?

Yes and No. Yes, a Design Sprint will help your business to quickly make decisions about direction; (product or strategy). As such, you will be ‘designing’ a solution. But no, they’re not about visual design, look and feel, branding, usability, or UX per se. (Unless that is your particular challenge, in which case they might be). 

The term can confuse people into assuming a Design Sprint is something in the solely reals of a design team. In our experience the best Design Sprints bring together multidisciplinary teams form across a business. Many successful Design Sprints don’t have any ‘designers’ involved in them at all!