Work with us on Cyber Innovation

From our deep experience as strategists, management consultants and in the Cyber and InfoSec space, we've developed a series of packages that we know work with our clients. Here are some of the ways we can help. Of course for anything else, please get in touch.

Cyber Business Growth Consultancy


Rebel Futures works with existing Cyber Businesses launching new products or growing into new territories, and new businesses launching Cyber Security and Information Security products.

  • Market Research & Competitor Analysis (SOC, SIEM, Threat Intelligence, UBA, Enterprise Security, Next Generation Cyber)
  • Go To Market Strategy (Definition, Positioning, Market Entry, Market Development, Marketing Strategy and Execution)


The Cyber Industry is in dynamic flux, seeing rapid growth. Existing businesses are flourishing and new ones are challenging the status quo. There’s room for innovation, but it’s a competitive space and businesses entering or growing in Cyber need help and expertise to get it right. There are extremely experienced technical talent in the cyber industry but there is a lack of strategic business expertise from consultants who understand the space.  We provide that expertise and understanding.


We bring flexible, Agile Consultancy from a team with deep and diverse experience in Cyber Security and InfoSec Strategy and Marketing know-how, and Innovation for Startups, Scaleups and Enterprise. Our lean consultancy is tailored to clients’ needs and we offer lightweight and easy to buy packages in long or short term engagements.

Cyber Futures 5 Day Strategy Challenge


The Cyber Futures Challenge is a 5 Day intensive visioning session to determine your business’s role in the future Cyber Security / InfoSec landscape. Using Lean Consulting principles we work with you to take a deep dive into the future landscape, to identify and predict trends, and plot your growth trajectory. 

We work with visionary CIOs, CTOs, CISOs, CROs and business leaders on this exciting programme.


Because you need to move fast, and you need to be able to see and create the future. The 5 Day visioning session is designed to be an rapid, immersive workshop / workstream that engages key team members with our strategy team.

We tackle big ticket items quickly, helping everyone understand the landscape today and tomorrow and the potential for your business in this dynamic world. 


In just 5 days we’ll take your team on a journey to explore current innovations in Cyber and InfoSec, to collaboratively plot the future, to explore opportunities and put your trajectory to being a Cyber Leader. 

The Cyber Futures 5 Day Strategy Challenge is an impactful, immersive workshop based visioning exercise - that we know works.


Day 1
Define your business vision
& map today’s space 

Day 2
Identify trends,
innovations & Map the Future Landscape 

Day 3
Imagine the possibilities for products, innovations
seismic shifts, disruption

Day 4
Define Your Future Business within a fluid landscape

Day 5
Create an action plan for success

Customer Centric Cyber Consultancy


A customer first approach to cyber is what’s missing from most business strategies. Our Customer Centric Cyber Consultancy help businesses to link IT with Product in a way that delivers safer services to customers. In turn, empowered customers are both brand advocates and the ‘first line of defence’. We bridge the gap between strong IT and strong Product to ensure customers feel safe and happy.


Ensuring your data is safe is one thing. Ensuring your customers feel safe and trust you is another. Customer Centric Cyber Security is a new and untapped opportunity area; and one that can set customer facing brands apart from their competition.  It's not just about feeling safe and confident. Customer Centric Cyber ensures:

  • Customer empowerment;
  • Fewer Cyber Incidents;
  • Reduced Support and Incident Response burden; and
  • Better Brand Perception.


We offer flexible, agile consultancy from a team with deep and diverse experience in Customer-First Innovation and Future-Facing IT, InfoSec and Cyber Security.

A core part of the offer is customer engagement, and we build in customer feedback to strategic development.  Our lean consultancy is tailored to clients’ needs; we build a package to suit you.

Better than GDPR: Good Data Strategy as a Competitive Advantage


“Better than GDPR” is a 2 day strategic workshop to ensure your GDPR Strategy is better than compliant. We see GDPR as an opportunity to go further than just compliance, an opportunity to overhaul your customer data strategy and to design a Good Data Strategy around your customers. "Better than GDPR" is an opportunity for any business who understands “Customer First”. It is for joined up leadership teams who understand IT should work hand in hand with Product strategy. It is for businesses who need to ensure their customers feel safe and happy when using their products.


GDPR will ensure businesses handle customer data with care, yet complying with this future enhanced data protection regulation is posing challenging or many. We see this as an opportunity; not just to upgrade data protection policies and procedures, but to consider data protection and use as part of a customer strategy. 

Compliance is for businesses that just want to be good enough, whereas a Good Data Strategy is about leading.


In a 2 Day workshop our experienced strategy team will work with your leadership team to:

  • Understand your Current Plan: The gap from here to compliance
  • Understand your customers, their fears, uncertainties, doubts
  • Imagine and design a “better than compliance” approach
  • Understand that opportunity and competitive advantage