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Cyber Helpline launches in UK


Last week, the Cyber Helpline UK formally launched to the public - the helpline will deliver advice and support to the many thousands of people in the UK (and elsewhere) affected by cyber crime. It’s for people who don’t know where to turn or what to do following a cyber attack.

The cyber security landscape is a complex one, with many cyber businesses competing to protect businesses and data, but no one looking out for consumers. Cyber security, breaches, and threats are in the news every week; everyone knows there are risks; and everyone’s scared by the threat of cyber crime. 

Up until recently, there were few places to turn to for practical advice. Official websites are great at offering simple advice on what not to do online, but how do consumers pick up the pieces if they’ve been the victim of an attack? This is where the Helpline comes in - offering friendly, free and impartial advice to everyone. More than just a telephone based advice line, the Helpline uses chat technology to understand customers’ problems, to provide the right initial advice and to route queries to the right advisor - a human expert, who can really help. 

The Helpline is currently supported by volunteers with deep experience in the Cybersecurity sector. Rebel Futures founder Katie Lips worked with Helpline Founder Rory Innes to set up the early helpline and is a keen supporter of the initiative. 

“The Cyber Helpline UK serves a need for the people of the UK - it’s a friendly source of expert advice helping people recover from cyber attacks. Of course, in terms of cyber innovation it is more than just a helpline, its chat technology enables the team to learn about the nature of cyber attacks and their impact; enabling support services to be tailored to customers, and for the helpline to better respond to new threats. The blend of innovative technology and human intervention works wonders for the victims of an attack, who, with genuinely personal help are able to regain their digital confidence and build their cyber awareness, allowing them to feel safe and secure in future. “

We wish a massive well done to Rory and the team for getting the helpline live!