20 UK Cyber Security Startups 

The Rebel Futures team was at the DCMS’s Cyber Security Pitch-off recently to hear from 20 Cyber Security startups pitching for a featured slot at Infosec in June.  The rapid fire pitches were delivered without slides or demos; the un-fancy format allowed the audience to focus on the business concept. Here's a round-up.

Armour Communications delivers encrypted Mobile communications to protect mobile comms for business.

CheckRecipient stops the #1 data breach of misaddressed email. And is doing rather well at it.

Citicus is a risk and compliance platform helping enterprises to understand their compliance status.

Codified Security offers a SaaS app testing capability helping developers ensure the security of their apps before distribution.

Cyber Essentials Direct helps businesses implement Cyber Essentials and get certified.

CyberSparta offers network visibility hosted on the cloud, designed specifically for the mid-market.

CyNation delivers GDPR compliance automation, helping the millions of SMEs in UK, Europe (and elsewhere) to become GDPR compliant.  

Deep Sky Blue’s Sherpa product is a cyber triage platform designed to make a Cyber analysts’s job easier.

Dynarisk helps consumers become better protected by assessing their risk score and was the only end-user-centric approach we saw.

ExactTrak secures devices USB drives, tablets and laptops through geozones enabling lost devices to instantly be locked and secured.

Immersive Labs streams practical cyber labs to the browser enabling analysts to have fun developing cyber skills.

iProov delivers facial recognition authentication.

Krowdthink turns public Wi-Fi into a live digital engagement opportunity for business.

Post Quantum is helping businesses to address challenges including future risks from quantum computers.

Razor Secure helps protect critical infrastructure such as transport networks and is working with leading train Wifi operators amongst others to secure passengers and networks.

Red Sift’s OnDMARC makes it easy to block phishing attacks for businesses and charities and has affordable (including free) plans.

Redact at Source enables businesses to anonymise personal information in their data set.

Status Today gives businesses insight into how their employees’ behaviours can create risk and gives them the tools to spot anomalies. 

UM Labs provides cyber security protection for corporate VoIP and Unified Communications systems. 

Zovolt has created Streembit the world’s first decentralised, peer to peer secure communications system for humans and machines.

Four winners were announced CheckRecipient, Dynarisk, Immersive Labs and iProov who will get the chance to pitch again at InfoSec to become “UK's Most Innovative Small Cyber Security Company 2017”.  

Our take on this is that Cyber Security is a fast growing space attracting businesses with diverse approaches. The clear winner is the UK Cyber Industry which is attracting, and it seems nurturing some true innovators.  Clever uses of AI, next generation cyber analyst tools, and people centric approaches are amongst our favourites. Sadly though, out of 20 companies, only 1 was presented by a woman. Now where are all the female Cyber Entrepreneurs? We know there are more out there. Maybe it’s time to start something…